• PCR : 100 (24X7) (Toll Free)
  • Women in distress : 1091
  • Special Cell (North-Eastern States) : 1093
  • Missing Persons : 1094, 23241210

About Us

About Us

Kirti Nagar Police Station is one among the best police station in Delhi. We are here to ensure citizens to breathe in a safe, secure and open environment. We are committed to deliver results-oriented law enforcement service and demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism, safety, security, and management.

Our core values define our shared behavior and beliefs as well as how; our police personnels work and interact in delivering high quality services.

Our directive principle is to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places, and communities of our command area. We are working with the collaboration of 24x7 emergency helpline no. 100.

Our Team


Delhi Police Department expanded establishment and stationed new Police Station in Kirti Nagar in 1985 with sole responsibility of to control the local law and order situation and execute government policies. Since inception, fortunately, our Police Station has got many brave police officers.

As technology has advanced, we have modernized our police station with state of the art infrastructure to assure proper security to the citizens. Our preamble is to improve the safety and well being of people, places, and communities of nearby regions.

1 INSP BAHADUR SINGH 04-12-85 05-09-86
2 INSP R.S. NEHRA 05-09-86 19-03-90
3 INSP JOGINDER PAL 19-03-90 18-05-91
4 INSP YASWANT SINGH 19-07-91 28-03-95
5 INSP SUKHRAM DAHIYA 28-03-95 09-12-96
6 INSP HARPAL SINGH 09-12-96 17-11-99
7 INSP BABU LAL 31-03-2000 12-04-02
8 INSP R.C. MEENA 12-04-02 20-04-03
9 INSP HARSH VARDHAN 30-05-03 26-08-04
10 INSP RAJINDER SINGH 26-08-04 05-08-05
11 INSP SATYA PAL YADAV 05-08-05 26-09-07
12 INSP KULBHUSHAN 19-11-07 16-03-10
13 INSP KAILASH CHANDRA 16-03-10 15-01-11
14 INSP RANJAY ATRISHYA 11-01-11 08-02-13
15 INSP RAM KISHAN 08-02-13 29-08-14
16 INSP MANOJ KUMAR 29-08-14 22-09-16
17 INSP ANIL SHARMA 29-09-16